First House

I have been wanting to blog for quite some time now and since we recently stumbled upon a new adventure I decided now was the time.  I really wish I had been blogging while renovating our first house but between school, externship and graduating I never had the time.  SO, I figured I would start this  blog off with a brief synopsis of our first house renovation before introducing our new project 🙂

This is the story of how we turned this: First house


into this:

Josh and I were lucky enough to stumble upon this gem in October 2008.  We were not actively looking for a house because Josh was convinced that we couldn’t possibly afford it….BUT I would still browse listings every now and then which is how I found this 1938 balloon frame house that had been on the market for a short 11 days.  I brought it to Josh’s attention and suggested that we at least go take a look.

I went to class that evening and Josh went to go view the house.  Less than 24 hours later, an offer was put in and the sellers accepted our offer….we had a plan!  We closed on our “new” house December of that year and started demo work immediately following the closing. 

                                               ( This was day 1 of demo, masks and goggles followed…….)



By the time the weekend was over, we had completely demolished all of the rooms in the house down to the studs.  The structure of the house was great, but there wasn’t one salvageable room in the entire house (see photo of old kitchen below….gross)

old kitchen

I mean it had been a few years, as we understood, since someone had lived here, but it really needed some intense TLC.  Josh and I had our hands full but we had been waiting years to reno a house together! 

It took us from December 5th to April 12th (my birthday!) to get the house move in ready with much help from dedicated and loving friends and family.  We were lucky enough to be able to live at Josh’s mom’s house while renovating…..our house was in no way ready for anyone to live there.  Four months of early mornings and late nights in the dead of winter, we were finally done!  What an accomplished feeling it was to get to sleep in the house we made a home together.  Here are a series of before and after photos so you can see what we were working with:

We moved the front door because the layout just wasn’t to our liking…

(The stove in the top picture was the only source of “heat” for the entire house…)




(Master Bedroom)

(there was no bathroom upstairs so we turned one of the bedrooms into a master bath)

I am certainly lucky to have married the “King of all jobs.”  Josh is so knowledgeable and is one of those people who can just pick up any skill.  He has taught me a lot along the way (like how NOT to sawz-all through a live wire and trip the only fuse we had left working…..oops!) and I am forever greatful that through thick and thin (no matter how much I HATED pulling shingles off the outside of the house in a snowstorm) we always pull through together and we are that much closer because of it. 


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